Support for Kent Landlords

Find out about some of the people we have helped

The short video above tells you about some of the people who have been helped by the Contain Outbreak Management Fund (COMF) in Kent. You can also read their stories below.

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Rent arrears paid in full

"I was made redundant at the start of the pandemic and it was really difficult to find permanent work, especially with Covid restrictions in place. I have a one-bed flat but with rent of £625 a month, it wasn’t long before I owed more than £2,500 [pronounce: two and a half grand] My landlord submitted a request for COMF and fortunately the arrears were paid in full. The housing specialists helped me work out a plan for the future so I feel I can move forward with my life and won’t be in this situation again. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders."

Our life will get back to normal

"My partner and I were working full time but when Covid hit, he lost his job. We had to manage on my wages but things got harder when I was furloughed – we had rent arrears of nearly £8,000. I am mortified that it got this bad and I was shocked at how quickly things got totally out of control. We were just buying the absolute essentials like food and heating. I was terrified of talking to the housing association so didn’t return most of their calls and left letters unopened – I just buried my head in the sand. I got so low I attempted suicide. My partner and I split up for several months due to the stress of the situation. Because we’d always worked, we didn’t understand the benefits system but we finally made a claim for Universal Credit. We told them about the mess we were in with our rent and asked them to pay the landlord directly in future. I was so relieved when I heard about COMF, and that we could pay the rent arrears and save our home. With the support of the fund I know I can keep a roof over my kids’ heads and I hope that gradually our life will get back to normal."

A fresh start

"Our family business was liquidated due to Covid. We spent our life savings trying to stop it going under but it wasn’t possible and we soon built up rent arrears of more than £5,000. We went to our local council for advice on the debt and that was when we found out about the COMF funding. We were able to pay it all off but with no steady form of income, we could no longer afford the monthly repayments for our family home. We were sofa surfing at friends’ places while we tried to work out our next steps. Luckily the housing officers helped us to find a more affordable home so we no longer have that financial pressure looming over us. It feels like we were given a fresh start."

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