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Pets in rental property, a brief introduction

With more than half of adults in the UK sharing their homes with pets, it’s vital for Kent landlords to understand their responsibilities to tenants and their animal companions.
A dog and a cat laying together

The Model Tenancy Agreement is the Government’s recommended contract for landlords, and within it consent for responsible tenants to live with their well-behaved pets is automatic. As a landlord you can object, however your objection must be provided in writing within 28 days of receiving a pet request from your tenant – and you must provide good reason.

That reason could be as simple as the home being a leasehold property where no animals are allowed; or it could be for practical reasons such as the difficulty of housing a very large dog in a top floor bedsit; however it cannot be because you as a landlord do not like cats.

Landlords are also prohibited from charging any additional fees to pet owners, so you cannot increase the amount of rent you charge. As reassurance, your tenant has a legal duty to repair any damage they may cause to your property, including anything caused by their pet.

This is something that should not be an issue for a responsible pet owner, it could also be good news for you as a landlord as a happy tenant is more likely to be a long-term tenant.


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